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With offices located in the heart of areas highly populated with foreigners – and especially Britons – CHIPOT Brokerage & Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services dedicated to Riviera and Minervois residents willing to enjoy life in these two wonderful regions without bothering with administrative chores.


Accredited by the Ministry of the Interior to collect taxes and duties on his account, we register any kind of vehicle in France as well as in Monaco. We also work regularly with the Corsican and continental Customs and Department of Maritime Affairs to register yachts or deliver passports in order to sails in the French waters.


We also act as an agent for contemporary artists either via our own art gallery (La Chouette de Minerve) located in the medieval village of Minerve, halway betwen Béziers and Carcassonne, or in various fairs and prestigious venues from the French Riviera to Toulouse.


CHIPOT Brokerage & Consulting is a certified time saver.


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Jean-Marc Chipot
Riviera & Minervois
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The Owl of Minerve

Founder of CHIPOT Brokerage & Consulting, Jean-Marc Chipot has accumulated over 30 years of experience as a customs declarant, freight commissioner, business owner and real estate agent in France as well as abroad.

Son of a gallerist, Jean-Marc Chipot has opened a contemporary art gallery in Minerve (see section opposite).

Empowered to register any vehicle in the new French Vehicle Registration System (SIV) and accredited to collect the relevant taxes on behalf of the Ministry of Interior.

Emp. No 197268, Accr. No 46970

In addition to our Peille office from where we cover the whole French Riviera including the Principality of Monaco, we have open a new office in Minerve in 2020, in the heart of the Minervois region between Béziers, Narbonne and Carcassonne.

The Owl of Minerve is a contempory art gallery located halway between Béziers and Carcassonne showing the works of both local and famous artists such as Richard Orlinski, Philippe Berry, Patrick Moya, Obey, C215, etc.

The Owl also acts as an agent for artists and organizes exhibitions in France and abroad.


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T:  33/ (0)9 72 12 88 46

M: 33/ (0)6 82 12 37 70

06440 Peille

34210 Minerve


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