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Post Brexit caretaking
service for Britons

Customs declarations, removals,

translations, admin chores

Assistance provided to Bristish citizens settled in France or intending to such as administrative chores handling with French local and Government bodies, housing search, removals and personal belongings shipments, car registrations and tax payment, etc.

On the French Riviera as well as in the Minervois region


Real Estate
Artists' agent

Organisation of art shows and vernissages from the Riviera to the Minervois

Jean-Marc Chipot is gallerist in the medieval city f Minerve in Southern France, halfway between Béziers and Carcassonne. The Chipot gallery named The Owlf of Minerve shows over 300 works from twenty different artists from France and abroad (cf. He also organizes vernissages and exhibitions for some of them from the Riviera to the Minervois.

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